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Various Application

– New Illuminated Sign
– Various menu board
– Gorgeous display area
– Display table and cabinet in mall
– Luxury cosmetic display table
– Interior light of building
– Illuminate a range of material (Onyx, Stone, Stained glass, Artwork and many more)
– Wall lights and ceiling light
– Other places requiring thin lighting
LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth)
LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth) LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth) LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth)
LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth) LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth) LED Light Board - Heat Sink Type (8mm depth)
Heat Sink Type LED Light board provides marvelous uniform light distribution all over the surface due to our unique individual light guide pattern. Our pattern is differing from size to size which has been requested by our clients. Because of LED Light Board's gorgeous light display, LED Light Board can be displayed in anywhere where imagination can be applied such as light Under cabinet light , canopy light, ceiling light, airport tunnel, floor light, light fixture in furniture, Exhibition fair interior light source, retrofit for fluorescent, interior light, cosmetic stand or display stand or as even lighting in many hotels, airports, casino lobby, hotel reception desk, POS , Bar stand or store stand's lighting and in many hotels, airports, casino lobby, architectural design sources and virtually anywhere light is needed. Refer to our LED light board's profile to help you with your ideas.
This is also called LED light pad or LED light sheet universally. Our LED Light board consumes extremely low energy (A4 LED panel consumes only 3 watts) and brags its 8mm's slim depth so it can be fit in slim area. The Light Board has average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
These are available in any size from 70mm X 70mm to 2500mm X 1500mm (98" X 59") and can be customized to any configuration and design like circles, rectangles, waves and many more. We can make it doable to put the print directly on the LED Light Board without discoloration of the panel, caused by heat dissipation.
Our unique pattern of the LED Light board will guide light from LED's into the middle of the section evenly moreover our U.S patented hit sink channel will emit all the hit from the LED's so you won't able to feel any hit or dark spots unlike traditional bulbs. This will also present the ultimate happiness to your potential customers and current clients.
We have been successfully developed SMD top view type LED module inside of the LED Light board with variety of colors from 2,700K to 9,000K at every 500 Kelvin which is proven to be the best reliability together with V-cut pattern that is also proven to have the best adaptability for the characteristics of LED's. We can realize literally all color in 8mm's depth and our moves reconceptualize the definition of light.
And more surprisingly, FEELIS pursues color consistency in LED therefore our client will never have to struggle with consecutive order.
FEELIS's LED Light board illuminates exceptionally bright light due to high luminous intensity LED strip with high luminosity in any sizes.
We can always provide LED Light board technical specifications and regarding data that measures our high& even brightness created by putting only LED strip on the edge. It will reduce energy consumption tremendously and save more as time goes by moreover LED last more than 10 years ( light on 12 hours a day).
Also in addition, if large sizes of LED Light board were made in with florescent bulbs, the depth would be much thicker than our board. Our edge-lit technology brought the thinnest profile ever in lighting field with absolute beauty.